Breathing After the Pain

​ When that sad event occured it consumed you. You walked around with it, a balloon of black tied to your heart strings. It pulled at your mind, guiding you -choking you. It’s constricting presence sucked your essence, draining you like a ferocious parasite. Finding solace in its hollow embrace, you spread its disease -refusing…

Just One Step. By Peter Ishe

One good thing about believing and having faith in God is the strength and power to hold on to His promises until tey are supplied to You by Him. And despite jeering, persecution and threats,  you still have every reason to keep trusting that He has done it before and He has not and will…

What They Are Not Permitted To Say To You

When I was in my teens, I acquired this chubby kind of fatness that those around me refused to accept. When they see me and my sister together, they instantly begin to accuse me of eating all the food in the house and starving my siblings. But you know what? I didn’t care. I ate…

Baptism by Broom and Pepper.

Ronke yelled as she felt the broom come in contact with her back and arms. “I don’t know him-“ her plea was cut short by another assault across her belly. She rolled herself into a ball in a weak e… Source: Baptism by Broom and Pepper.

Apology Time

Hey ya’ll! I am so, so sowi that I haven’t posted any update on The Exodus. I am obsessed with posting what I believe is the best and what I have right now isn’t good enough for ya’ll. So please, bear with me as I take my time and bring about good enough updates. Thanks….